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People Who Play Games

I want to talk about what it’s like to be a female who plays and enjoys games.
But more to the point, I want to simply talk about the alienation of what it is like to be and have been a person that likes games. I hesitate to use the word gamer, as I feel uncomfortable with using potential qualifiers (nerd, gamer, geek, etc) because they distill and define a certain kind of identity. I can still feel the bitterness towards how people used those words to hurt me, insult me, alienate me in childhood and how people now use them to mean a number of different things. Ultimately, umbrella terms are easy to use because they remove the humanity. It’s easy to hate a group of things than take the time to appreciate that each human is an individual with thoughts, feelings and all those complicated nuances.
Simply, I just like what I like and I am who I am. I never got why people are inclined to discriminate based on those two properties (or discriminate in general): being female and liking games, and feel entitled and superior as a result. 
It’s simple - If you like the things I like, that’s cool let’s chill. If not then let’s find another common ground. People are faceted. I love games but I also love eclectic music scenes. I used to play a lot of team sports and love going camping but also enjoy going to a high-end speak easy and making conceptual art.

But because I liked a lot of games, comics and anime as a kid, I was branded and alienated - just like many of those that are part of gamergate who are protective of the namesake gamer.

I think the first mistake made is the assumption that my gender makes my trials and tribulations growing up as a gamer any different. And they weren’t. They really weren’t.

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Anonymous said: I love your art so much! I wanna reblog everything!

Ah thank you! :) Please do!

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